Thank You - Your Inquiry is Received!

One of our Solarize installers will contact you within a week of receiving this information to schedule a free roof assessment. Please have a copy of your monthly power bill ready. Reach out to us if you don't hear from anyone more than a week after signing up. For Olympia residents interested in a discounted heat pump, we'll be sending you more information on that once that program begins next month.

All Skagit County homeowners are eligible for an energy efficiency audit conducted by The Community Energy Challenge.
Your installers will have information for you or you can go to

Grab Your Power Bill to Prepare For Follow-Up

Scan or take a picture of one of your power bills and bring it to the consultation! If you don’t have a copy you can download it from PSE:

  • Go to

  • Login (if you have not logged in before, create an online account)

  • Click “My Bill” at the top of the page 

  • “View Full PDF Bill” and download the PDF

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