The Hummingbird Community Solar Project

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Official enrollment ends 11/1/2020

150 of 800 units currently available

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Each unit will prevent about 150 pounds of CO2 from going into the air per year. That is about 289 miles driven by the average vehicle per year. It’s also about the same energy usage as a medium sized electrical appliance.

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Every participant and donor will receive recognition for their contribution to the community solar project. Each participant and donor will be inscribed on the plaque that hangs in the lobby of the Hands on Children’s Museum for the lifetime of the solar energy system.

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At $300 per solar unit, the Hummingbird Community Solar Project has one of the lowest buy-in costs to clean energy that is available. A solar unit is simply a portion of the Hummingbird Project. The one time payment is used for construction and operation of the project. You may buy multiple units. 

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Community Benefits

The solar project will benefit the Hands on Children’s Museum with energy savings. This savings will be passed used for important programs at the museum, including their access membership program for low-income visitors. After the solar energy array is built, the Hands on Children’s Museum will build an exhibit based around solar energy and use it to support educational programs about solar energy.

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The project is hosted at a third party site, so you are not responsible for upkeep. Purchasing is 100% online and takes 5 easy minutes!