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We work everyday toward our mission of stewarding an equitable and accessible transition to clean energy.


Mason Rolph

Mason Rolph serves as the Executive Director of Olympia Community Solar. Mason, a graduate of The Evergreen State College, has co-authored publications with both the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Smart Electric Power Association (SEPA). 

He received the Sam Garst Climate Champion award by Climate Solutions in 2018, and Emerging Clean Energy Leader award from the Northwest Energy Coalition in 2021. He was elected to the Washington Solar Energy Industry Association Board of Directors in 2022 and reelected in 2024. 

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Ben Silesky

Ben Silesky is Olympia Community Solar’s Program Director, leading our Solarize program. He brings more than six years of coalition organizing experience from working with Audubon Washington.


The dog’s name is Eddy.

Zachery Miller

Zachery is Olympia Community Solar’s Grants Manager. Zachery holds a masters degree from Penn State University in the area of renewable energy and sustainability systems. He previously worked for Puget Sound Energy in their renewable energy division. His passion for solar comes from his love for nature and has dedicated his career to advancing clean energy to preserve our communities and the planet.


Katrina Taylor

Katrina Taylor serves as the Board Secretary for Olympia Community Solar. She has a Masters in Environmental Policy and is a tenured professor of political science and sustainability at Tacoma Community College. Katrina has studied, taught and/or published in the fields of renewable energy policy and climate protection advocacy for over 20 years. She has been a long time advocate of solar energy and enthusiastic supporter of community solar. 

She was recently named a McKinstry Champion of Sustainability at the 2019 Washington Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference.

Connor Tibke

Connor Tibke serves as the treasurer for Olympia Community Solar. A graduate of The Evergreen State College, Connor has a BA in public policy and environmental science. He worked as a Legislative staffer for three consecutive sessions in Washington and as a contractor for the Thurston County Economic Development Council’s business survey for the Department of Commerce. 

Connor is passionate about the intersection of economic and environmental justice as expressed in public policy.

Adam C. Powers

Adam C. Powers is a multi-talented African American professional who wears many hats: storyteller, green energy expert, teacher, technologist, artist, botanist, AR & VR developer, and proud father of a seven-year-old son. 

He co-founded Key Tech Labs, a nonprofit aimed at bringing new technologies to underprivileged areas to create self-sustaining communities. For example, they taught youth how to build and install a Farmbot (an open-source CNC machine for automated gardening) at a local middle school. In 2018, Adam started his solar career at Omnidian, where he served as a Technical Support Specialist and later co-founded the Civic Action Committee to address energy poverty issues in the black community and promote diversity in the solar industry. He is also a member of B.O.S.S and leads the development of a national solar program. 

Adam serves on the board of Shark Garden, a 1.9-acre urban farm that produces over 2,000 tons of organic food annually and recently added a Solar Micro Grid, in collaboration with Sphere Solar Energy. He envisions a future where people, technology, and the environment coexist in harmony, and encourages practical steps towards this goal.

Adam Harrison

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