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Board Members

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Mason Rolph

Mason Rolph serves as the President of Olympia Community Solar. Mason, a graduate of The Evergreen State College, has consulted on community solar policy for The Coalition For Community Solar Access and Common Energy; a community solar administor in New York. He has co-authored publications with both the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Smart Electric Power Association (SEPA). He received the Sam Garst Climate Champion award by Climate Solutions in 2018. 

Mason’s understanding of the community solar and the solar industry has been a leading factor of the development of Olympia Community Solar.

Matthew Strickland

Matthew Strickland serves as a board member for Olympia Community Solar. He is a crucial member of our project development team. Matthew is a graduate of Evergreen State College, a Marine Corps Veteran, and has experience in solar energy installation, energy advocacy, and civil construction.

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Katrina Taylor

Katrina Taylor serves as the Board Secretary for Olympia Community Solar. She has a Masters in Environmental Policy and is a tenured professor of political science and sustainability at Tacoma Community College. Katrina has studied, taught and/or published in the fields of renewable energy policy and climate protection advocacy for over 20 years. She has been a long time advocate of solar energy and enthusiastic supporter of community solar. 

She was recently named a McKinstry Champion of Sustainability at the 2019 Washington Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference.

Connor Tibke

Connor Tibke serves as the treasurer for Olympia Community Solar. A graduate of The Evergreen State College, Connor has a BA in public policy and environmental science. He worked as a Legislative staffer for three consecutive sessions in Washington and as a contractor for the Thurston County Economic Development Council’s business survey for the Department of Commerce. 

Connor is passionate about the intersection of economic and environmental justice as expressed in public policy.

Staff Members

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Ari Simmons

Ari Simmons shines as the Outreach Consultantat Olympia Community Solar. She earned her Masters of Environmental Studies at The Evergreen State College. She has led efforts to improve regional climate efforts, including the bid to pass Initiative 1631 in 2018. She currently holds the position of Community Energy Specialist at South Sound Solar. 

She is a tireless advocate for environmental and social justice and is passionate about leading the region toward an accessible and equitable clean energy future.

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We are Hiring!

We are seeking applications for a Campaign Coordinator position for our Solar Group Purchase program that will run from January 2021 through September 2021. Experience in the solar industry is preferred, but not required!

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