Community Solar Washington

What is community solar?

Community solar allows a group of electric consumers to participate in a single solar array. The electric utility tracks the solar’s energy output and sends credits to the participants’ electric bill.
Graphic by Grid Alternatives

Community Solar Washington is an advocacy effort to pass legislation creating a Community Solar Program. Under the proposed program, electric consumers may participate in a community solar project and receive a monthly credit on their utility bill for the electricity produced by their project. The program expands solar access to marginalized communities, renters, and homes or businesses unfit for solar. 

Washington needs a community solar program!

Create good paying jobs and expand Washington’s solar market.
Bainbridge Island City Hall Community Solar
Protect consumers while increasing transparency.
Kingston Community Solar
Empower communities to build our energy future together.
Benton County PUD Community Solar
Catalyze new investment in clean energy resources.
Skagit Community Solar



Support every Washintonians’ right to access clean energy.

It works great in Oregon!

Community solar programs are growing all over the country with programs in twenty states. The Oregon program ( opened this year and has pre-certified 20 projects and has registered 55 project managers.

Our Policy Goals:

  • Improve solar access for low income households, renters, and marginalized communities
  • Catalyze new investment in clean energy
  • Create good paying jobs and expand Washington’s solar market
  • Allow consumers to choose local clean energy resources
  • Protect consumers while increasing transparency
  • Empower communities to build their energy future together
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