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Ready, Set, Solarize!

Residents and businesses of Thurston, Mason, and Skagit Counties can access solar at prices below market rates until July 4th, thanks to the Solarize group-purchasing program.

Solar made simple, secure, and affordable.

Solarize is a nonprofit sponsored solar energy group purchasing model used to reduce costs and simplify the installation process.

We’re launching Solarize, a limited time residential solar group purchasing campaign for residents of Thurston, Mason, and Skagit counties. 

Right now interest in Solar is at an all time high and increasing rapidly, that’s why we’ve created a program to secure people discounted prices, vetted installers, and an easy customer experience all in one! We’ve sponsored Solarize programs for the last 2 years now and the programs have been resounding successes resulting in over 200 solar installations.

In preparation to launch this campaign, Olympia Community Solar held a competitive bidding process to secure solar installers, and partnerships with local financial institutions for optional financing. Our team vets and negotiates special pricing with our installer partners and develops educational materials and seminars. Our team hosts participant enrollment and acts as a customer advocate. Solarize is helping to make the Solar purchasing experience simple, secure, and affordable!

Solarize 2023 is now closed - watch for Solarize 2024 in March!

Past Participants

Last Year's Campaign

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Projects from the 2021 Solarize Thurston project.

Solar is more affordable and effective than ever before!

  • Site assessments and quotes are free.

  • Get special group-purchasing prices.

  • Save money on your electric bill every month.

  • Reduce pollution.

  • Qualify for a federal tax credit.

Our Partners

Secure Solar Quotes!

Are you seeking a solar quote?

Even though our Solarize group purchase campaign has ended for the year, you can still seek quotes from reputable installers. Use the form below to connect with one or several installers!

  • Each installer you select will reach out to schedule a site assessment with you.

Solarize 2023 Webinar (18 Minutes)

Additional Services

Energize Olympia

Energize Olympia is a ductless heat pumps group purchase campaign designed and supported by a partnership between the City of Olympia, South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity, and Spark Northwest. 

Energize Olympia will launch in Spring 2023. More information will be available soon on the City of Olympia webpage.

Skagit Energy Audits

The Community Energy Challenge is a project sponsored by two Bellingham organizations, Sustainable Connections and the Opportunity Council. The Challenge provides full energy audits that result in a comprehensive report detailing cost effective efficiency measures for your home.

Eat your energy efficiency vegetables before your renewable energy desert! 

Ineligible for a Solar Installation? Community Solar Is For You!

Are there tall trees around your house? Are you a renter? Maybe you have an old roof? If your solar assessment shows that your property is not the right fit for solar, don’t worry – you can still participate in a Community Solar Project.