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Ready, Set, Solarize!

Starting next February, residents and businesses of Thurston, Mason, and Skagit Counties can access solar at prices below market rates, thanks to the Solarize group-purchasing program.

Solar made simple, secure, and affordable.

What Is Solarize?

Solarize is a group purchasing model used throughout the country to reduce costs and simplify the solar installation process.

Next February we’re launching our hugely popular Solarize program, a limited time residential solar group purchasing campaign for residents of Thurston, Mason, and Skagit counties. Right now interest in Solar is at an all time high and increasing rapidly, that’s why we’ve created a program to give people discounted prices, vetted installers, and an easy customer experience all in one! We’ve sponsored Solarize programs for the last 2 years now and they’ve been a resounding success resulting in over 200 solar installations.

In preparation to launch the campaign, Olympia Community Solar will hold a competitive bidding process to secure solar installers, and partnerships with local financial institutions for optional financing. Our team vetts and negotiates special pricing with our installer partners and develops educational materials and seminars. Our team will host participant enrollment, act as a customer advocate, communicate with partners, and evaluate campaign performance. Solarize is making the Solar purchasing experience simple, secure, and affordable!

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The campaign will open in March 2023.

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Projects from the 2021 Solarize Thurston project.

Solar is more affordable and effective than ever before!

  • Site assessments and quotes are free.

  • Get special group-purchasing prices.

  • Save money on your electric bill every month.

  • Reduce pollution.

  • Qualify for a federal tax credit.

Financing Available

Financing is availiable through our Solarize financing partners:

Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union

No down payment required, 90 days with 0% interest and no payments.

Ineligible for a Solar Installation? Community Solar Is For You!

Are there tall trees around your house? Are you a renter? Maybe you have an old roof? If your solar assessment shows that your property is not the right fit for solar, don’t worry – you can still participate in a Community Solar Project.