Media Island International

In February 2021 the Olympia Community Solar team supported Media Island International to replace their roof and install a 9.3 kW solar photovoltaic system.  

Media Island International is a Black Led cultural, educational, and networking center whose focus is to support women of color in their leadership while working with other like-minded individuals and groups who do conscious social justice activism. MII also chooses to support education, organizing and movement building, as well as independent progressive investigative journalism. Learn more about the nonprofit at or Donate directly to Media Island International.

The solar installation will cover 75% of Media Island’s electricity, saving them over $60,000 in the coming decades. Each year this solar installation will prevent pollution equivalent to planting 16,000 trees or not burning almost 6,000 pounds of coal.


Special Thanks to: Shawna Hawk, Director of Media Island International, South Sound Solar, The Hammond Foundation Solar Moonshot Program, The TransAlta Coal Transition Fund, Charles Fisher, TopWeather Roofing and Donors: 


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