Orting Veterans Village

The Orting Veterans Village, located in Pierce County, provides permanent supportive housing to 35 once chronically homeless veterans, organized in a self-supporting residential community. Opened in early 2021, the tiny home complex is owned and managed by the 501c3 nonprofit organization Quixote Communities, which is dedicated to building safe, sustainable, and quality housing for those experiencing homelessness.

Quixote Communities began pursuing solar energy for the site in early 2023. Olympia Community supported project development by soliciting and selecting contractor proposals, with MAD Energy NW ultimately serving as the installation partner. We secured funding for the project through the WSU Low-income Solar Grant.

Special thanks to Quixote Staff and Board, Orting residents, Mad Energy NW, Olympia Community Solar, Washington State University Energy Extension, and Puget Sound Energy.


The solar installation was completed in June 2024, consisting of 315 Washington-made SilFab panels. The system is projected to produce 108,854 KWh yearly, saving Orting Veterans Village over 50% of its annual energy cost. Starting at $14,300 saved in the first year, over the next 30 years the project will generate roughly $618,000 in savings for the organization. Savings from the solar array will directly benefit village residents and support Quixote Village’s mission.

The solar energy produced each year will reduce their carbon footprint by 95,000 lb of CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting 1,100 trees or not driving 172,000 miles each year.