Growing Washington Solar One Community At A Time

Olympia Community Solar is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to steward an equitable and accessible transition to clean energy.

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Residential Solar Group Purchase

"Solarize" Campaigns

Olympia Community Solar leverages our relationships in the solar industry to negotiate special solar installation and financing offers for local customers. 

Customers access reduced cost solar installations, vetted contractors, and rely on our non-profit to serve as your solar advocate. 

Our 2021 & 2022 Solarize campaigns resulted in 200 solar installations, $3.4 Million dollars of investment, all in the Puget Sound area!

Solar Project Development Services

Over the past five years our team has partnered with Tribes, Public Agencies, Non-profit organizations, and commercial entities to support their solar energy installations with grants.


Contact us to learn how we can support developing and funding your solar project.


The Merritt Manor low-income solar project, funded by Olympia Community Solar

A Track Record of Success

Aiming High

Our mission at Olympia Community Solar is to steward an equitable and accessible transition to clean energy.

Our Projects

Nisqually Tribe CPRG

Priority Climate Action Plan & Climate Pollution Reduction Grant As a result of the Inflation Reduction Act, in March of 2023 the EPA opened the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant (CPRG) program. This program seeks to provide funding for communities to address environmental injustice, lower energy costs, and reduce pollution, and includes a funding track for tribes and territories. The awards

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West Mason Fire District

This fire district is warming up with a solar array! West Mason Fire District (WMFD) was formed in November 2018 through voter approval to merge two previous Fire Districts, 9 and 16. WMFD provides essential services to the communities of Mason County including structural firefighting, wild-land firefighting, emergency medical response, motor vehicle rescues, flood & technical rescues, and community education.

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LASA Flett Meadows

Check out the solar at Flett Meadows! The Living Access Support Alliance (LASA) is community-supported organization that assists homeless individuals and families, providing emergency shelter, rapid re-housing, and some permanent supportive housing. Started in 1989 by Rev. Luther Kriefall, LASA emphasizes homelessness prevention. LASA owns 15 units of housing at Flett Meadows, which is available for low-income families experiencing homelessness.

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Orting Veterans Village

The Orting Veterans Village, located in Pierce County, provides permanent supportive housing to 35 once chronically homeless veterans, organized in a self-supporting residential community. Opened in early 2021, the tiny home complex is owned and managed by the 501c3 nonprofit organization Quixote Communities, which is dedicated to building safe, sustainable, and quality housing for those experiencing homelessness. Quixote Communities began

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Yelm Highway Nisqually Market Solar

Yelm Highway Nisqually Market Solar Project The next time you drive through Nisqually, keep an eye out for the brand-new solar energy system on the convenience store across from the Red Wind Casino. The Nisqually Market Solar Project includes 146 solar panels across the market shops, convenience storefront, and gas carport. A&R Solar designed and installed the 65 kilowatt system.

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Quixote Village Solar Project

Quixote Village Solar Project Quixote Communities began in 2007, with the protest of a city ordinance banning lying or sitting on sidewalks in downtown Olympia, WA, by Camp Quixote, a tent city. The tent city would be hosted by seven local churches in the next six years, but during this time, and with support from many, the idea of a

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Thurgood Marshall Community Solar

The Thurgood Marshall Community Solar Project Community Solar is a model of solar energy development where a group of people own and benefit from a single solar array. It’s a way to address barriers to solar access for: Renters & non-homeowners Those that cannot afford the cost of a residential solar installation Homes that are unsuitable for a solar installation.

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Merritt Manor

Located in east Olympia, Merritt Manor is a low-income housing development with eighty two apartments. Thanks to our installation, each apartment will save about $260 dollars each year on energy. Reducing the energy burden of low-income families is a tangible way to reduce poverty and promote economic justice.   This solar installation consists of 324 solar panels and will produce

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Media Island International

In February 2021 the Olympia Community Solar team supported Media Island International to replace their roof and install a 9.3 kW solar photovoltaic system. Media Island International is a Black Led cultural, educational, and networking center whose focus is to support women of color in their leadership while working with other like-minded individuals and groups who do conscious social justice

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Project Awards

Common Questions About Community Solar

Community solar overcomes barriers to solar energy.

Despite the advantages of solar energy, a vast majority of Washingtonians lack access to it. Washington’s 3.2 million renters, 700 thousand low-income residents, multifamily housing residents, and families living in shaded or old homes are unable to access rooftop solar. Nationally, Greentech Media estimates that 77% of households are left out of the rooftop solar industry, and are unable to access the benefits of solar. 

Our Residential Solarize program will reopen in March 2024.

We currently do not have a community solar offering available. 

Compare a private garden to a community garden with many plots. 

Community solar projects are group owned, split into affordable units. Each participant or donor purchases units to help pay for the solar project. The Olympia Community Solar team develops and maintains the system for you. 

Residential solar projects are privately owned by a homeowner, reducing their electric bills. The Olympia Community Solar team supports homeowners to invest in solar with our Solarize Program.

Washington residents, businesses, and nonprofits can all participate in our community solar projects.

Anybody can donate to our projects or organization through our support page. 

No, we’re a board directed non-profit team that develops community solar projects, supports project participants, and provides project administration. 

We’ve supported homeowners, businessowners, public entities, nonprofits, Tribes, and policymaker to learn about, promote, and contract local solar projects.

Supported by Solar Industry Leaders:

Northwest Electric and Solar LLC

Northwest Electric and Solar LLC is a full-service Washington State commercial and residential electrical contracting company focusing on clean energy, including solar photovoltaic (PV), energy storage, electric vehicle charging, and energy efficiency.

Sunergy Systems

Founded in Seattle in 2005, Sunergy Systems is an employee-owned company specializing in the sales, design, and installation of solar electric and back-up energy storage systems for residential homes with over 2,500 solar installations for 15-megawatts of clean energy throughout the Puget Sound area. Our mission is to provide a world-class customer service experience and sustainable energy solutions and practices to protect the environment.

Puyallup Tribe of Indians

The people of the Puyallup Tribe have been known for “generous and welcoming behavior to all people who enter our lands.” Living off the waters of the Puyallup River fed by Mount Rainier, the Puyallup People fished, hunted, and traveled by these waters.

A&R Solar

A&R Solar installs solar for homes and businesses throughout Washington and Oregon. We proudly operate as a Certified B Corporation and are employee owned and operated.


Established in 1934 PSCCU is not only a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative, but we have grown to become a proactive contributor to environmental sustainability, financial security for others, and job creation. PSCCU is proud to be Washington’s Green Credit Union!

Timberland Bank

Timberland Bank was founded in 1915 to serve the financial needs of communities in Western Washington. Over a century later, the commitment continues. We are proud to serve you and will continue to expand our services to meet the needs of our community.

Nisqually Tribe of Indians