The Hummingbird Project

We are excited to present the Hummingbird Project, a 100 kW solar energy system on the Hands On Children’s Museum. The project expands solar energy access to those who may rent or lease their home, have unsuitable roof space, or are unable to afford the upfront costs of a solar installation. 

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is a solar project owned by a group of people. Community solar expands solar access to those who don’t own their home, who don’t have suitable roof space or property, or who are unable to afford the upfront costs of a solar installation.

We think of them as community gardens but rather than carrots, you get energy.

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Aiming High

Our mission at Olympia Community Solar is to steward an equitable and accessible transition to clean energy through community solar education, policy, and project development

Make a Difference

As a volunteer, you can contribute to a growing nonprofit that works with community members and organizations around the state to build equitable solar projects, policy, and educational opportunities.

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Project Highlight

The Olympia Community Solar team is working with Representatives Jessica Bateman and Davina Duerr introduced House Bill 1046 with the intention of expanding access to clean energy for millions of Washingtonians. 

Solar energy has historically been inaccessible for customers that rent their homes, live in multi-family buildings, or have trees shading their properties. Community solar allows customers to earn credits on their electric bill by subscribing to a community owned project. 

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“Community” is the first and most important aspect of community solar. We want YOU in ours!

We have a number of ways that you may join in. Please fill out this form to get connected, donate, or join our Hummingbird Project.

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Olympia Community Solar FAQ

No, we develop community solar projects, enroll participants, and provide project administration. 

We develop educational materials and curriculum and provide seminars at request.

Community solar overcomes barriers to solar energy. Those who cannot put solar on their own roof or afford solar individually can participate in and benefit from community solar.  Renters, multifamily buildings, and shaded buildings are only a few of the many barriers to solar ownership.

Community solar accelerates the adoption of solar energy through collaborative investment. We are powerful together. 

Community solar builds new economic opportunities and creates good paying jobs.

Community Solar reduces pollution. Each of our Hummingbird solar units will reduce 2,700 pounds of C02 over the term of participation.

Our first project, the Hummingbird Project, is fully enrolled!  We’ll have another project ready in early 2021.

No equipment will be installed at your home and no changes to your electric services.

Customers don’t have to worry about installing, maintaining, or cleaning equipment at their homes.

Benefits come in the form of an annual check or direct deposit. 

There will be no change to your electrical service, though in the future we hope be able to provide credits to your electric bill. 

Same equipment, different ownership models.

Community solar projects are group owned, are split into affordable units, and only take minutes to sign up for.

Your participation includes:

  • A proportional share of project’s electric production
  • An equal vote in project decisions
  • A lasting clean energy legacy

Olympia Community Solar will send you an annual newsletter about the project’s performance, and the production payment in an annual check or direct deposit.

Our Hummingbird project is located on the Hands On Children’s Museum.


We work with land and building owners around Washington State to create community solar projects.

Washington residents, businesses, and nonprofits can all participate in our community solar projects.

Anybody in the US can donate solar units to our non-profit partners.