Growing Washington Solar

One Community
At A Time

Olympia Community Solar is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, working everyday toward an equitable and accessible transition to clean energy.

We are based in Olympia, WA and develop projects all throughout the state with the help of our Installation and Financing Partners.

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Thurgood Marshall Community Solar Project

Community solar projects expand solar access to those who can’t access traditional residential solar – people who don’t own their home, have an unsuitable roof or property for solar, or who face financial barriers to solar! A group of community members participate in a single solar project to share its benefits.


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Solar Development and

Funding Services

Over the past four years our team has partnered with Tribes, Public Agencies, Non-profit organizations, and commercial entities to support their solar energy installations with grants. We have dozens of projects in our portfolio and secured millions of dollars for solar projects around Washington State.

The Merritt Manor low-income solar project, funded by Olympia Community Solar

Aiming High

Our mission at Olympia Community Solar is to steward an equitable and accessible transition to clean energy through community solar education, policy, and project development.

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Solarize Group Purchasing

Olympia Community Solar leverages our relationships in the solar industry to negotiate special solar installation and financing offers for local customers. 

Customers can access reduced cost solar installations, reduced interest rates on solar loans, and rely on our non-profit to serve as your solar advocate. 

Our 2021 campaign resulted in more than 130 solar installations, $2.7 Million dollars of investment.  

Solar License Plate Petition!

Our non-profit is exploring new fundraising opportunities! By creating a special plate design, anyone could purchase a solar-themed license plate. In order to get the solar design approved by the Department of Licensing we need to gather 3500 signatures!

By filling out this form you are indicating your support for specially designed solar license plates. Proceeds from the special license plate sales will go to Olympia Community Solar for the purpose of supporting our mission: to steward an accessible and equitable clean energy transition.

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We develop and fund solar energy projects
with a focus on equity and access.

Common Questions

Community solar overcomes barriers to solar energy. Those who cannot put solar on their own roof or afford solar individually can participate in and benefit from community solar.  Renters, multifamily buildings, and shaded buildings are only a few of the many barriers to solar ownership.

Community solar accelerates the adoption of solar energy through collaborative investment. We are powerful together. 

Community solar builds new economic opportunities and creates good paying jobs.

Community Solar reduces pollution. 

No, we’re a board directed non-profit team that develops community solar projects, supports project participants, and provides project administration. We can develop educational materials and provide seminars at request.

The Thurgood Marshall Community Solar project is currently open for enrollment.  Join the project here.

Compare a private garden in your backyard to a community garden with many plots. 

Community solar projects are group owned, split into affordable units. Each participant or donor purchases units to help pay for the solar project. See our Hummingbird and Sunflower Projects for more details. 

Washington residents, businesses, and nonprofits can all participate in our community solar projects.

Anybody can donate to our projects and mission.