Homes First

Homes First has a mission to create and maintain healthy, safe, and affordable housing for low and moderate-income individuals and families. Homes First has served over 5,000 people since their founding. They own and/or manage 54 properties, annually providing over 275 tenants with respect, dignity, and support to ensure that they have every opportunity to be successful.

Over the past four years Olympia Community Solar (OCS) has supported Homes First staff to assess their properties’ solar potential. Homes First Director of Programs and Assets Ron Stewart provided information about the age and condition of the roofs and collected energy consumption information from Tenants. Two dozen properties showed potential for solar installations.


  • In 2020 we secured funding for 19 kWs on two low-income occupied homes with the support of the Puget Sound Energy Green Power Grant.
  • In 2021 we secured funding for 15 kWs on Homes First’s office building with the support from Thurston County and the Hammond Foundation. The systems are producing a cumulative 34,700 kWhs each year, about $3,800 of savings.
  • In 2022 we secured funding for 74 kWs across seven low-income occupied homes with support from the City of Olympia’s Community Development Block Grant. 
  • In 2023 we secured funding for 24 kWs for a low-income women’s home with support from the Puget Sound Energy Green Power Grant.