Quixote Village Solar Project

Quixote Village Solar Project

Quixote Communities began in 2007, with the protest of a city ordinance banning lying or sitting on sidewalks in downtown Olympia, WA, by Camp Quixote, a tent city. The tent city would be hosted by seven local churches in the next six years, but during this time, and with support from many, the idea of a group of tiny homes surrounding a shared community building took shape and flourished.

Quixote Village in Olympia, which opened in 2013, is owned by Quixote Communities, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. At Quixote Village, 30 adult men and women, previously homeless, are individually housed in a self-supporting residential community. 100% of the residents at Quixote Village are chronically homeless. 

Olympia Community Solar supported the development and secured funding for this project. The Quixote Village solar project includes 4 solar panels across each of the thirty tiny homes and 86 panels on the community building. South Sound Solar designed and installed the 66 kilowatt system. 

The installation reduces Quixote’s energy bill saving them more than $551,000 over the next forty years, and contributing to sustainable infrastructure in Olympia. Savings from the solar array will directly benefit village residents and support Quixote Village’s mission. 

Special Thanks to the Squaxin Island Tribe, The Tides Foundation, The City of Olympia, and Puget Sound Energy for providing funding to support the project.


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